To my web page - thank you for dropping by.

It has been my honour and delight to serve the Body of Christ in various capacities for half a century. I’m British and trained for ministry in the UK but have spent more than half of my working life elsewhere in Europe.

From being a youth worker in my own younger days, my roles include  Bible teacher, Church planter, Conference speaker, Cross-cultural missionary and Pastor.

I’ve been privileged to speak at conferences in Germany, Spain and the UK, but I’m more than content to share from God’s Word in  small groups and local congregations.

Together with my wife, Christine, and daughter, Esther, it is also a joy for us to lead worship together as a family.

In the pages that follow you will find links to my daughter’s blog, a few recordings made of teaching I have shared, as well as details of the church family I have served for the last two decades.

Feel free to contact me and may the Lord bless you.

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